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UK launch of ENFit delayed

The expected launch of ENFit products into the UK market has been pushed back until early July. It is widely considered that it would be safer to launch the ENFit range when the low dose syringes are available. For further information please contact your local Medicina representative....
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The low dose conundrum

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the delivery of low dose medication when using the new ENFit system. Currently there is no international standard regulating dosing accuracy requirements. The ENFit connector has been designed to be larger than most current feeding syringes to improve the flow rate when delivering feed. This has led...
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ENFit is upon us

The International standard for enteral connectors (ENFit) is starting to make its appearance in International markets. A lot of feed suppliers will be including ENFit transitional adaptors into their feeding set packs in the coming months. The intention is that this will happen for 6 months until the suppliers are ready to supply sets with...
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