Practise what you preach!

Mark and Ryan having a nasogastric tube inserted to better understand patient experience. They were in good hands with the Dorset team and the DoubleChek. No Co2 detected at the sternal notch, and a PH below 4 at the NEX measurement. Two key checks, one safe placement!

New 1000ml ENFit Drainage Bag

We have listened to popular demand and have now added a 1000ml ENFit drainage bag to our range. For more information, please follow link ( or contact your local Medicina representative.

Colostrum Collector – every drop counts

When the ENFit standard was introduced, especially with the Low Dose amendment, it became almost impossible to express colostrum into smaller syringes due to the spike in the low dose connection. In neonates every drop of milk is important. When you use the TA10 in conjunction with the OTLD syringes you have the ideal solution.…