Colostrum Collector – every drop counts

When the ENFit standard was introduced, especially with the Low Dose amendment, it became almost impossible to express colostrum into smaller syringes due to the spike in the low dose connection. In neonates every drop of milk is important. When you use the TA10 in conjunction with the OTLD syringes you have the ideal solution.…

Oral Tip Low Dose Syringe (ENFit compatible)

Low Dose Oral Tip Syringe (ENFit compatible)

Medicina has developed a syringe that is designed to give medication, or enteral feed, orally. The low dose oral tip syringe is a one piece syringe and has a smooth barrel to make giving oral medication and feeds less traumatic for babies and small children. Cup fill is not recommended. If used please remove any…

P1000 enteral syringe pump

The Medicina P1000 enteral syringe pump has been designed to deliver small volumes of enteral feed, accurately and safely, using enteral ENFit syringes. The pump is part of a complete range of equipment which has been carefully put together to maximise patient safety. An important feature of the P1000 pump is that the user must…

Medicina is 25!

Medicina were very proud to celebrate our 25th Anniversary at Rivington Hall and Barn on Saturday. Thank you to all the support we have received over the past 25 years. We look forward to a very exciting future.

The Return of the ACE Stopper!

Medicina are pleased to announce that the ACE Stopper is now available for supply. Medicina ACE Stoppers are small, implant grade silicone stoppers, that are used to seal stomas sites at various parts of the body. For further information please contact your relevant Medicina representative.

Enteral Plastic Safety Group (Statement)

Issued September 2016 ISO 80369-3: IMPORTANT UPDATE – ENFit Implementation As part of a carefully planned 2–stage process, ENFit implementation commenced towards the end of 2015 throughout the UK. ENFit is the global enteral feeding device connector design that complies with the new International Standard (ISO 80369-3). The first stage of the process, introduction of…

Oral medication and the ENFit system

Due to the increase in size of the ENFit connector and safety collar, concerns have been raised about the delivery of oral medication. The size of the ENFit connector can be too large when giving oral medication to neonates. Low dose syringes all come with a safety collar to prevent any risk of connection to…

ENFit arrives in the UK

The long anticipated arrival of the ENFit system into the UK market is here. Healthcare professionals can now begin ordering ENFit products to suit their needs. Please contact Medicina for information regarding our range of ENFit equipment. For further information please contact your relevant Medicina representative.